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Shenzhen Zhongling Technology South Kunshan Team Building Tour
Zhongling| 2023-09-18| Return

To enhance the cohesion of the company,Enrich everyone's leisure life,Strengthen communication and exchange among colleaguesShenzhen Zhongling Technology Co., Ltd. organized a seminar on September 16-17, 2023Two days and one nightHuizhou Nankunshan Team Building Tour.


Early in the morning, colleagues from Shenzhen and Dongguan set off from both places and talked about itA drive of over 2 hours,Arriving at the beautiful natural oxygen bar in Nankunshan, forgetting the pressure of work and staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city, everyone was laughing and laughing along the way.We first went to the local specialty farm to taste the delicious food. After lunch, we settled in the villa and rested for a period of time. Then, we set off for team building activities (caterpillar competition, synchronized progress, ball tapping, and finger pressure board jumping)Everyone had a great time playing with projects such as live CS.

After the team building ended, we returned to the villa. We began to prepare for the barbecue, with fat chicken legs, tender chicken wings, energetic beef balls, ham, eggplant, green peppers, and other barbecue materials. Sharing delicious food with colleagues and family in this beautiful atmosphere, chatting and admiring the starry night scenery, savoring this rare leisure, and experiencing the endless fun of doing things yourself.


The next morning, we went to play mountain off-road bikes again and then set off for Nankunshan. I visited attractions such as the Stone River Wonder.After visiting Nankunshan and having lunch, I set off back to the company. Taking advantage of the excitement and returning, the team building activity came to a successful end in a lively atmosphere.

The two-day team building activity was enjoyable and wonderful. Everyone has relaxed their body and mind, joyful their spirit, and also realized the importance of teamwork and trust, which has improved the cohesion of the company's big family,Let us continue to embrace new challenges with a spirit of unity and innovation, full of enthusiasm, gathering momentum and strength.Here in ShenzhenZhongling Technology thanks every employee for their enthusiastic participation and dedication.


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