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How to choose suitable off-road tires for agricultural robots?
Zhongling| 2023-12-28| Return

Agricultural robots are special robots used for agricultural production and are a new type of multifunctional agricultural machinery. The emergence of agricultural robots is the result of the development of modern agricultural machinery and the product of the development of robot technology and automation technology. The emergence and application of agricultural robots have changed traditional agricultural labor methods and promoted the development of modern agriculture. Agricultural robots can generally be divided into: agricultural robots, fruit and vegetable robots, livestock robots, and forest robots. So, how do agricultural robots choose the tires that are suitable for themselves?



Agricultural machinery has low speed and heavy load, requiring tires to have high strength, high load-bearing capacity, wear resistance, good elasticity, and good adhesion performance with the road surface. There are three commonly used types of tires: inflatable tires, solid core tires, and high elastic solid core tires.

1. Inflatable tires. Pneumatic tires are currently the most widely used tires for various agricultural machinery, which can alleviate and absorb the vibration and impact generated by uneven road surfaces. Most of the vibration and impact energy is absorbed by the compressed air inside the tire, while a small portion is absorbed by the tire's fabric layer.

2. Solid core tires. The commonly referred to solid core tire is a hard rubber tire with little elasticity, which is a rubber ring with a certain thickness and crossed grooves on the outer surface to improve the adhesion between the tire and the road. The advantage of solid tires is their high load-bearing capacity. When subjected to the same load, the diameter of solid tires is smaller than that of inflatable inner tires, with a simple structure, easy maintenance, and no risk of puncturing. But it has low elasticity, poor vibration absorption ability, high power consumption, and rubber is prone to falling off, which can also damage the road surface.

3. The widely used solid tire nowadays is a high elastic solid tire with good elasticity and dynamic characteristics. This type of tire is not a simple hard rubber ring, but its outer layer is a wear-resistant rubber. The inner layer of the tire is a thick material with good elasticity, which can better absorb vehicle vibration and impact. At present, there are several tire factories in China that produce this type of high elasticity tire, but the specifications are relatively small. This type of high elasticity solid core tire has the same advantages as traditional solid core tires, but overcomes the original drawbacks. Not only does it have traction characteristics that are very similar to pneumatic tires, but it also has slightly better driving smoothness. In developed countries such as the United States, mass production and application of this type of tire began in the 1980s, with significant economic benefits. Although the speed of agricultural machinery is relatively low, due to the high load, tires that meet the maximum static load requirements should be selected as much as possible.

Customers need to choose tires that are suitable for them based on their actual situation, but without exception, customers usually require tires with deeper tread patterns to increase friction and grip.

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