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Can delivery robots become a new trend in the catering industry
Zhongling| 2024-03-20| Return
At present, artificial intelligence technology is becoming increasingly mature and widely used, and its presence can be seen in the catering industry. Previously, "smart restaurants" could only appear in movies, but now they have entered our daily lives. Many similar technology restaurants have been opened in various parts of China, including some traditional restaurants that have started using intelligent kitchen equipment, such as catering robots and delivery robots.

Industry insiders say that the application of delivery robots can to some extent improve the efficiency of restaurant delivery, reduce labor costs, and also bring new experiences to customers. Generally speaking, food delivery robots can transport up to ten or more dishes at once, and the efficiency of food delivery is unmatched by manual labor. It can also improve the safety of the food delivery process and reduce the burden on catering service personnel.

Due to the many advantages of food delivery robots, more and more catering enterprises and restaurants have introduced related products, such as Haidilao, which has used 958 food delivery robots; Banu has deployed nearly a hundred robots to assist in serving dishes in its 30 restaurants; My grandmother's home has launched 200 snack delivery robots, and after the resumption of work due to the epidemic, food delivery robots have been put into use to deliver dishes.




Not only domestically, but also internationally, food delivery robots have received high praise, demonstrating strong application advantages and market potential. Recently, SoftBank's robot subsidiary in Japan announced that it will launch an automatic food delivery robot developed by Bear Robotics in Canada to help the Japanese catering industry cope with labor shortages and ensure social distancing during the pandemic. It is reported that this delivery robot has a tray and is equipped with a 3D camera and a LiDAR sensor for navigation.

It is obvious that delivery robots have become a trend. In addition to bringing direct cost benefits to the restaurant, robot delivery is also a great help in attracting customers to the restaurant. Due to the "black technology" nature of delivery robots and unmanned restaurants, it will inevitably arouse the curiosity of many customers, generate strong experiential psychology, and be willing to share such new dining modes.

A restaurant manager has stated that since the introduction of the catering robot, the number of customers who come to dine has increased significantly compared to before, bringing good profits to the restaurant. Moreover, as long as the food delivery robot appears, it will attract many customers to take photos and videos, and share them on corresponding social or online life platforms, which is free to attract customers for catering.

From restaurant design layout to intelligent catering equipment, the progress and changes in the catering industry over the years are vividly remembered. From the perspective of catering robots, their market acceptance and demand are rapidly increasing. In addition to factors such as the impact of the epidemic, labor costs, and customer preferences, the increasingly mature technology of delivery robots and the reduction of product costs are fundamental. The implementation of this scene is closely related to the upgrading and popularization of technologies such as artificial intelligence and sensors.


Many domestic robot manufacturers have more advanced technological capabilities and are more adept at developing robot products. They are constantly improving the environmental perception and motion control capabilities of food delivery robots, which enables them to have more stable and good performance during the delivery process, thus gaining unanimous recognition from restaurants and customers.

According to relevant statistical data, the market size of domestic food delivery robots was only in the tens of millions in 2017. However, by the end of 2020, the market size of domestic food delivery robots had approached 1.2 billion yuan, and some institutions predicted that it would approach 15 billion yuan by 2025.

With the continuous breakthroughs in technological innovation of delivery robots, "unmanned restaurants" have gained wider recognition, and it is reasonable to believe that the global delivery robot market will show a faster growth trend. At that time, catering robots are expected to become a "dark horse" in the field of service robots, further activating the potential of the service robot market and bringing greater surprises to the commercialization of the entire industry.

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