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Working principle of servo drive
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Servo driverAlso known as "servo controller" or "servo amplifier", it is a type of controller used to control servo motors. Its function is similar to that of a frequency converter acting on ordinary AC motors, and it is a part of servo systems, mainly used in high-precision positioning systems. Generally, servo motors are controlled through three methods: position, speed, and torque to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system, which is a high-end product of transmission technology

The servo driver drives the execution motor under the action of control signals, so the normal operation of the driver directly affects the overall performance of the equipment. In the servo control system, the servo driver is equivalent to the brain, and the execution motor is equivalent to the hands and feet. The role of the servo driver in the servo control system is to adjust the speed of the motor, so it is also an automatic speed adjustment system.

The working principle of servo drive: The core main control board and relay board of the drive transmit the control and detection signals of the drive to complete dual closed-loop control, including speed regulation and current regulation, to achieve speed control and commutation control of the motor. The driving board of the drive receives signals from the main control board, drives the power conversion circuit, and realizes the normal operation of the motor.

Internal structure of servo drive: The internal structure of servo drive includes power circuit, relay board circuit, main control board circuit, drive board circuit, and power conversion circuit. The function of the power circuit is to convert the external input DC power into different sizes of DC power output, and provide DC power for subsequent relay boards, drive boards, and power conversion circuits. The function of the relay board is to provide DC power to complete the transmission of control signals and detection signals.

Usually, servo drives have three control modes: position control mode, torque control mode, and speed control mode.

The position control mode usually determines the speed through the frequency of external input pulses and the rotation angle through the number of pulses. Some servers can directly allocate values for speed and displacement through communication. Due to the strict control of both position and speed modes, it is usually used for positioning equipment.

The torque control mode is to set the external output torque of the motor shaft through external analog signals or direct address allocation inputs. The set torque can be changed by immediately changing the analog signal setting, or by changing the corresponding address value through communication.

The rotation speed can be controlled through analog input or pulse frequency, and the position mode also supports direct load outer ring detection of position signals. At this time, the encoder at the motor shaft end only detects the motor speed, and the position signal is provided by the direct detection device at the final load end, which reduces errors in the intermediate transmission process and improves the positioning accuracy of the entire system.

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