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Fault and treatment of robot hub motor encoder
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An encoder is a device that compiles and converts signal data into signal forms that can be used for communication, transmission, and storage. The encoder converts angular displacement or linear displacement into electrical signals, the former being called a code disk and the latter being called a code ruler. Next, I will explain in detail the reasons for the motor encoder malfunction and damage.

1. Encoder malfunction: refers to the malfunction of the encoder's components, which prevents it from generating and outputting correct waveforms. In this case, the encoder needs to be replaced or its internal components repaired.

2. Encoder connection cable failure: This type of failure has the highest probability of occurrence and is often encountered during maintenance, making it a priority factor to consider. Usually, it is due to an open circuit, short circuit, or poor contact of the encoder cable, in which case the cable or connector needs to be replaced. Special attention should also be paid to whether it is due to loose cable fixation that causes welding or circuit breaking. In this case, the cable needs to be tightened.

3. Encoder 5V power supply drop: refers to the 5V power supply being too low, usually not lower than 4.75V. The reason for the low voltage is due to power supply failure or high resistance of the power transmission cable, which causes losses. At this time, it is necessary to repair the power supply or replace the cable.

4. Absolute encoder battery voltage drop: This type of fault usually has a clear alarm, and the battery needs to be replaced. If the reference point position memory is lost, the operation of returning to the reference point needs to be performed.

5. Encoder cable shield wire not connected or detached: This can introduce interference signals, make the waveform unstable, and affect the accuracy of communication. It is necessary to ensure reliable welding and grounding of the shield wire.

6. Loose installation of encoder: This type of fault can affect the accuracy of position control, causing excessive position deviation during stopping and moving, and even generating servo system overload alarm upon startup. Please pay special attention.

7. Grating contamination: This will cause a decrease in signal output amplitude, and oil stains must be gently wiped off with a degreased cotton dipped in anhydrous alcohol.

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