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What is the difference between an inner rotor motor and an outer rotor motor?
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The rotor is one of the very important components of a DC motor. According to the position of the rotor, DC motors are divided into inner rotor motors and outer rotor points. What are the outer rotor motor and the inner rotor motor? What is the difference between the two?

The inner rotor is the transmission part of the motor, which is located inside, while the outer motor casing remains static. The outer rotor is the part of the motor that rotates while the inner part is fixed and does not rotate.

The difference between inner rotor motor and outer rotor motor is as follows:

1. Different rotation positions. The inner rotor motor rotates internally, while the outer rotor motor rotates externally. The rotating part is usually the part embedded with magnetic steel, while the non rotating part is the coil part.

2. The difficulty of maintenance varies. The maintenance of the outer rotor motor is easy and provides better heat dissipation, while the maintenance of the inner rotor motor is relatively difficult and difficult. The internal coils are not easy to wind.

3. The rotational inertia of the outer rotor motor is greater than that of the inner rotor, while the opposite is true for the outer rotor motor.

4. The inner rotor is commonly used in power machinery such as motors, generators, gas turbines, compressors, etc., while the outer rotor is usually used in impellers for good cooling effect.

5. For DC motors of the same level, when comparing the electrification of the outer rotor and the inner rotor, it can be found that the torque of the outer rotor motor is higher and harder, while the torque of the inner rotor motor is slightly lower and softer.

6. Different speeds: In DC brushless motors, the speed of the inner rotor motor is significantly higher than that of the outer rotor motor.

7. The inner rotor is designed as the inner static part of the motor's working rotor, while the outer rotor is designed as the outer part of the motor's rotor using a DC permanent magnet brush iron motor, which is energy-saving, efficient, and has a particularly high speed.


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