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Hub servo motor and intelligent warehousing robot
Zhongling| 2024-02-26| Return

With the development of the logistics industry, the role of warehousing robots has become increasingly important. They can automatically perform operations such as transferring and handling goods by receiving instructions or pre-set programs by the system, greatly improving the operational efficiency and accuracy of the warehouse. The hub motor, as an important driving component, plays a crucial role in the design and operation of storage robots.

1、 Hub Motor Technology

Wheel hub motor, also known as brushless outer rotor wheel hub motor, is the core actuator of robot motion, with advantages such as fast response speed, small moment of inertia, large overload torque, small torque fluctuation, high efficiency, and low speed stability. Its characteristics mainly consist of stator, rotor, and additional components. Unlike inner rotor motors, the rotor of hub motors is composed of numerous strong magnets surrounding the outer circle of the hub, while the stator core is generally made of silicon steel sheets with insulation layer, used to place the stator winding. The stator winding is distributed at the same angle on the center of the circle, which is each at a 120 degree angle. The coils on the winding are wound according to a certain pattern, and the stator winding generates a rotating magnetic field when current flows through it. At this point, there is a relative cutting motion between the rotating magnetic field and the rotor conductor. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the rotor conductor generates an induced electromotive force and an induced current. The rotor conductor is subjected to electromagnetic force in the magnetic field, forming an electromagnetic torque that drives the rotor to rotate. Simply put, it is the process of converting the electrical energy of a current into mechanical energy.


2、 Warehouse robots

Storage robots are mainly divided into AGV robots, AMR robots, RGV robots, palletizing robots, and sorting robots according to their application scenarios. AGV automatically guides the car along the track or predetermined route to complete automated and repetitive tasks, often requiring manual supervision by the operator; AMR autonomous mobile robots use cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine vision to independently navigate in an uncontrolled environment to complete various tasks; The RGV shuttle truck can be operated in conjunction with forklifts, stackers, and shuttle mother trucks to achieve automated three-dimensional warehouse access, with fast operation speed, strong flexibility, and simple operation. The stacking robot is used to stack goods or perform logistics tasks such as packing and shipping, and the speed and efficiency of handling heavy objects are high; Sorting robots can use image recognition systems to distinguish the shape of items. They use robotic arms to grab items and place them in designated positions to achieve rapid sorting of goods.




In summary, the hub servo motor plays an important role in storage robots. Firstly, the motor and outer wheel are integrated, making disassembly and assembly convenient, low-speed stable, and fast response, making the design and layout of the equipment more flexible. Secondly, it is equipped with a high-precision encoder to provide precise motion control and positioning for the robot. It can perform precise navigation and perform operations such as transferring and transporting goods according to the set path. Efficient and accurate cargo handling has been achieved, improving the operational efficiency of the warehouse.

With the development of technology, warehousing robots will play an increasingly important role in the logistics industry. The brushless outer rotor hub motor drive, as its core driving component, will play a crucial role in future development. By continuously improving the performance of hub motors and reducing their costs, we can expect warehouse robots to play a greater role in the logistics industry.

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