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Protection alarm function of servo drive
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Servo driverAlso known as servo controller or servo amplifier, it is a controller used to control servo motors. Its function is similar to that of a frequency converter acting on ordinary AC motors, and it is part of a servo system.

1、 The purpose of servo drives

Mainly used for high-precision positioning systems. Servo drives generally control the position, speed, and torque of motors to achieve high-precision positioning of transmission systems. It is currently a high-end product in transmission technology.

2、 Working principle of servo drive

The servo driver first rectifies the input three-phase electrical energy through a three-phase full bridge rectifier circuit to obtain the corresponding DC current. After being rectified by a three-phase power supply, a three-phase permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor is driven by a three-phase sine pulse width modulation voltage source inverter through frequency conversion. The entire process of the power transmission unit can be simply described as an AC-DC-AC process. The main circuit of the rectifier unit (AC-DC) is a three-phase full bridge uncontrolled rectifier circuit.

3、 Protection alarm function of servo drive

Zhongling Technology servo drives ZLAC8010, ZLAC8015 series, and ZLAC8030L have protection alarm functions. When the drive fails, the drive will shut down and prompt the corresponding fault code. Users need software to clear alarms in order to clear faults. The alarm includes the following content:

1. Overvoltage: The power supply voltage exceeds the maximum rated voltage;

2. Undervoltage: The power supply voltage is lower than the minimum operating voltage;

3. Overcurrent: The phase current passing through the motor exceeds the inter phase short circuit;

4. Overload: The phase current passing through the motor exceeds the set overload current;

5. Current deviation: Control the deviation between the current and the output current;

6. Position out of tolerance: The given position is out of tolerance with the output position;

7. Speed deviation: The given speed exceeds the output speed deviation;

8. Internal reference error: Internal drive failure;

9. Parameter reading error: EEPROM parameter reading error;

10. HALL error: HALL cable not inserted or signal incorrect;

11. Motor temperature too high: The motor temperature is too high;


The protection alarm function of Zhongling Technology servo drive ensures that the motor and drive are not damaged in special or emergency situations. It can be used in conjunction with hub motors for automatic navigation and handling equipment such as AGVs, food delivery robots, inspection robots, disinfection robots, etc; It can also be used in conjunction with servo motors for automation equipment, laser marking machines, CNC machine tools, etc.


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