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What are the current mainstream AGV drive motor solutions?
Zhongling| 2024-05-07| Return

AGV, also known as Automated Guided Vehicle, is currently the most common application, such as AGV handling robots or AGV carts. Its main function is focused on automatic logistics transportation. AGV handling robots automatically transport items to designated locations through special landmark navigation. The most common guidance methods are magnetic stripe guidance, laser guidance, magnetic nail navigation, and inertial navigation.

With the disappearance of the demographic dividend and the increase in labor costs, as one of the important factors for China's manufacturing industry to transform into intelligent manufacturing, it has promoted the continuous integration of intelligent devices and big data informatization, greatly changing the work and production mode of the manufacturing industry. Intelligent logistics, as a backend and important link for intelligent factories to greatly improve enterprise transformation rates, reduce storage manpower and error costs, is an important issue for achieving enterprise transformation and upgrading development, and also a future trend for the industry to transition from traditional models to Industry 4.0. The trend of logistics automation and the high efficiency and flexibility of AGVs themselves have indeed reduced labor costs and safety risks, and multiple factors have driven the explosive growth of AGV robots.

On the basis of further technological development, the application scenarios of AGV handling robots will be further expanded in the future, gradually penetrating into various fields and links of the manufacturing industry. With the further increase in the demand for intelligence from end customers, there will be fewer and fewer single AGV projects in the future. Therefore, different types of mobile robots and how to achieve coordinated operation with other automation equipment will become the key to testing the implementation ability of enterprise solutions. In addition, moving from indoor to outdoor, outdoor applications in semi enclosed scenarios such as park logistics will also be one of the directions for the development of mobile robots.

In the current field of intelligent robots, the manufacturing industry dominated by AGV handling robots reflects the development requirements of intelligence, digitization, and networking. Modern industrial robots have evolved from a single functional robotic arm that can only perform certain fixed actions to a multifunctional, multitasking, programmable, and highly flexible intelligent robot. Although individual industrial robots in the system are flexible and programmable, most fixed automation production systems currently used have poor flexibility and are suitable for large-scale production of long cycles and single products, making it difficult to adapt to modern intelligent manufacturing models that are flexible, intelligent, and highly integrated.

At present, AGVs are mainly used in the field of warehousing and logistics for sorting and handling of goods. Previously, using manual sorting methods, warehouse centers often required a large number of employees and sorting efficiency was difficult to improve. When encountering important activity periods, they were often too busy. After the application of AGV robots, not only did it significantly reduce labor costs, but it also improved the efficiency of express sorting, achieving a win-win situation.

So what are the current AGV drive motor solutions?

1: Servo motor reducer wheels, which is a traditional AGV scheme, can control speed and position with very accurate accuracy. The servo motor can convert voltage signals into torque and speed to drive the control object.

2: Servo reduction wheel: Servo motor reduction wheel (wheel with reducer), which is an improvement on the traditional solution and has a relatively more space saving structure.

3: Robots and AGV wheel hub servo motors (both wheels and motors) are equipped with external rotor motors and high-precision encoders, which give the wheel hub servo motors the characteristics of high torque, large inertia, low noise, and high accuracy. They can directly cover the corresponding tires on the external rotor to form robots and AGV wheel hub servo motors, which directly drive the wheels to move.


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