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Advantages and disadvantages of robot hub motors
Zhongling| 2024-04-08| Return

With the rapid progress of technology and the improvement of human living standards, the service robot industry has experienced unprecedented rapid development. The hub motor, which serves as the power source for service robots, has also been favored by the market. Under the urging of the market,Robot hub motorTechnology has also made significant improvements and advancements, while its advantages and disadvantages are also evident.

As a new type of driving technology, the working principle of robot hub motor is mainly based on permanent magnet synchronous motor technology, which has the following advantages:

Higher transmission efficiency: The robot hub motor can directly drive the intelligent service robot, without the need for traditional transmission systems, thus avoiding energy loss in this part, resulting in higher efficiency and energy utilization.

Simple and compact structure: The robot's hub motor has high integration, eliminating the need for traditional servo motors, reducers, and other transmission systems, greatly reducing the weight and size of the service robot.

Easy installation: The structure of the robot hub motor is compact and simple, making it easy to install on the robot, avoiding the problems of traditional robot transmission systems occupying space and installation difficulty.

Flexible driving mode: Because the hub motor has the characteristic of being able to drive a single wheel independently, whether it is front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or even six wheel drive, it can be easily achieved. On many outdoor delivery robots, four-wheel drive and six wheel drive are common cases.

Suitable for service-oriented robots: The hub motor is suitable for various service-oriented robots, such as food delivery robots, handling robots, delivery robots, cleaning robots, inspection robots, etc.


However, there are also some obvious drawbacks to robot hub motors:

High cost: The robot wheel hub motor has high integration and requires materials with high requirements such as heat resistance, high torque, and high precision, resulting in high costs.

High difficulty maintenance: Due to the complex internal structure of the hub motor, once damaged, the entire motor may need to be replaced or repaired, making maintenance work difficult and costly.

Limited electric braking performance: The electric braking capacity of the robot hub motor is small, which cannot meet the requirements of the overall mechanical braking performance, requiring an additional mechanical braking system, and designing a mechanical braking system is difficult.

Poor environmental adaptability: When the robot hub motor is affected by water, dust, and other factors, it is prone to problems, and there are also strict requirements for sealing. In addition, during the design process, it is also necessary to focus on the issue of heat dissipation for the robot hub motor.

Braking heat and energy consumption issues: The motor itself generates heat, and due to the increase in unsprung mass, the braking pressure and heat generation are greater. Such concentrated heat generation requires higher braking performance.

Shenzhen Zhongling Technology has been focusing on the robot wheel hub motor industry for many years, integrating production, research and development, and sales. The robot wheel hub motor has a load capacity of 2.5-16 inches, 50-1000W, 24-48V, and 50-500kg, with a variety of styles, and also supports various customization projects, tailoring various types of robot wheel hub motors for robots in special working environments, so that robots can work well. Zhongling Technology has contributed significantly to the development of the robot hub motor industry and has also contributed significantly to the industry.


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