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What are the future development directions of agricultural robots?
Zhongling| 2024-04-01| Return

In recent years, with the rapid development of agricultural agglomeration, various robots used in agricultural production have gradually become an important part of agricultural technology and equipment research and development. The emergence and application of agricultural robots not only alleviate the problem of labor shortage and unreasonable structure in rural areas to a certain extent, but also change traditional agricultural labor methods and promote the development of modern agriculture.

Agricultural robots can gradually replace human labor and continuously help reduce labor intensity in agricultural production. At the same time, they can also improve labor efficiency and help solve the labor scarcity problem currently faced by many countries. This has made agricultural robots increasingly valued by countries around the world.

In terms of technology, with the deep integration of new generation information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence with agricultural technology, agricultural robots as the new generation of intelligent agricultural machinery will break through bottlenecks and be widely used. Meanwhile, future research on new technologies for agricultural and animal husbandry robots includes technologies such as deep learning, new materials, human-machine integration, and tactile feedback. Human machine integration is an important part of future agricultural development, which can improve operational efficiency. Human machine integration technology reduces research and development costs, allowing robots to predict human intentions and cooperate to complete tasks.

After the emergence of the concept of robots, many countries have increased their efforts in researching and developing agricultural robots, resulting in an endless stream of new types of agricultural robots.

Picking robots:

Abundant Robotics, an American company, has developed an apple picking robot that can complete picking work 24 hours a day without interruption, in order to improve the efficiency of agricultural production. Although apple picking is the core function, this function will also be extended to the picking of other types of fruits. Abundant Robotics' solution is to transform the robotic arm into a form similar to a "vacuum cleaner", which means that the fruit is "sucked" into the storage device, and the fruit comes into contact with the air, avoiding damage to the surface of the fruit by the mechanical equipment. This also means that the application range of this robot will be more extensive, not limited to apple picking.


Weeding robot:

American startup FarmWise has developed an 8000 pound robot that can clean and weed without using any pesticides. Not just weeding. The company's robots use computer vision to perceive various information about each factory. Every day, their robots can weed a medium-sized city with a population of approximately 400000.

Greenhouse inspection robot:

The first artificial intelligence agricultural robot in Fujian has officially started all-weather production inspection in the intelligent vegetable and fruit greenhouse of the demonstration farm in Israel, China. This agricultural robot has a white cartoon character appearance, with clear facial features and limbs. It can rotate and move 360 degrees through the bottom wheels and universal mechanism, and can smoothly perform automatic inspection, fixed-point collection, automatic turning, automatic return, automatic charging, etc. along the cultivation tank. It completes the entire process on its own.


Farming robots:

Due to the development of modern agriculture towards scale, the area of farms continues to expand. During the cultivation period, it is often necessary to hire a large amount of labor or use relevant agricultural machinery and equipment for operations. However, the high expenditure on labor costs not only makes it difficult for traditional agricultural machinery to fully meet the precise and efficient agricultural cultivation needs. Nowadays, intelligent farming robots have emerged. The farming robot can not only adjust the operating standards based on the size, contour, and crop type of the farmland, but also achieve autonomous farming, eliminating many traditional steps and greatly improving the efficiency of the operation.


Sorting robot:

Sorting various mature crops is an essential agricultural task in agricultural production, often requiring a large amount of labor input. Moreover, there may be some omissions in manual sorting, and it is not always perfect enough. At this point, it is necessary for sorting robots to come on stage. The agricultural sorting robot is not only sturdy, durable, and easy to operate, but also can automatically identify different crop fruits, classify them quickly, and will not scratch the outer skin of the fruits.

Fertilization robot:

Traditional manual fertilization is not only very wasteful, but also costly and has a significant impact on the environment. Fertilization robots are very intelligent and can develop different fertilization strategies based on the actual situation of different types of soil. Robots can scientifically formulate the most appropriate fertilization plan, which can reduce the total amount, control costs, improve efficiency, and also improve groundwater quality.

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